LA Alliance for Science


Science Must Not Be Silenced.

We are at a crucial point in time, one that will determine what our society - what our planet - will look like over the course of the next generation.

From budget cuts, to the purging of entire departments, to the intentional pushing of 'alternative facts', public science has come under fire like never before, even as we are faced with unprecedented environmental catastrophe.

The LA Alliance for Science is working to reverse this trend, by bringing together those from within the scientific community, as well as the general public, and amplifying their voices. Together, we can focus on scientific issues effecting the Los Angeles area, as well as those on a national and global level.

March for Science 2019
A Science Exposition

Mark the Date: May 4, 2019

Stay tuned for more information on booths, speakers, and partnerships.

The LA Alliance for Science plans to build on the success of 2017's March for Science while functioning as a bridge between the communities that it brought together. The Alliance will harness the energy and momentum generated by the March to further science education, communication, and advocacy in Southern California.

Make sure you RSVP. See you there!