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Intro to Synthetic Biology (6 of 6)

Have you ever been interested in biology but never had the chance to do your own research? Have you wondered how exactly genetic engineering is done in a laboratory? Join us in this six week (6 Sundays) crash course to synthetic biology where you will get hands on lab experience with genetic engineering. Each day you will learn and practice new skills, working towards the goal of modifying a lab strain of E. coli to produce colorful pigments.

Participants will first learn about computer-aided genetic modelling and design their own DNA assembly. Then they will dive in to lab work and not only become proficient in basic lab work but learn cutting edge techniques. Participants will cut and paste DNA using modern genetic engineering methods – the same methods used by academic and industrial scientists around the world. By the end of the class you will be able to design and execute your own genetic creations.

Some of the specific skills you will master:
– Pipetting
– Precision measuring
– Sterile technique
– Bacterial transformations
– Minipreps
– Gel electrophoresis
– Restriction digests
– Bacteria culturing

No prior lab experience is necessary. Some basic knowledge of biology would be helpful but will not be assumed. By the end of the class you will have gained the skill set and confidence to pursue your own synthetic biology research.

Instructor: Dr. Cory Tobin has a PhD in biology from Caltech and years of experience with genetic engineering techniques.

Location: TheLab

Audience: Middle or High school students, General public, Science experts

Format: Hands on activities & demos, Lecture

RSVP: Required

Cost: $600 per participant. All materials included