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Seeing is Believing: intersection of art, design, and space

SpaceportLA Presents: Seeing is Believing ~ How the world of designers, artists, and visual communicators intersects with rockets and robots

For February's event, we bring you the people who are good at making space look cool: JPL, Virgin Orbit, and Art Center. We will be hosting talks by the designers who help communicate the wonder and excitement of space despite their complex engineering and science. For our speakers, we have confirmed

Dan Goods (Visual Strategist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab)
Jonathan Lo (Creative Director for Virgin Orbit)
Maggie Hendrie (Founding Chair of Interaction Design at Art Center College of Design)
Richard Pelletier (Head of Strategic Design of aiPod Inc.)
Ajay Menon (Graduate Student in Transportation Systems and Design at the Art Center College of Design)

We will also have a small exhibit outside the auditorium featuring works from Mars City Design, students from the Art Center, and many more. If you're interested in exhibiting something as well, please contact us at More information.

Location: Art Center College of Design

Audience: Elementary school students, Middle or High school students, General public, Science experts, Families, Artists, Designers

Format: Seminar, Open discussion, Panel, Exhibits

RSVP: Required

Cost: $5-$15