March for Science 2018: Rally and Expo

On April 14, 2018 more than 5,000 people turned out for the March for Science Los Angeles Rally and Expo in Pershing Square Park. Speakers and exhibitors brought people together around science, pointed to concrete solutions, and gave people tools to explore science and support evidence-based policies throughout the year. 

Rally Speakers

Astrophysicist and curator Dr. Laura Danly · Senator Kevin de Leon · YouTube's global head of family and learning Malik Ducard · Center for Biological Diversity climate scientist Dr. John Fleming · Cal State LA chemistry professor Dr. Carlos G. Gutiérrez · Children's Hospital LA physician Dr. Mona Patel · volcanologist Jess Phoenix · neurobiologist Dr. Tepring Piquado · TECHNOLOchicas ambassador and computer scientist Yadira Valadez

Focused Sessions

What Everyone Needs to Know About Science, moderated by Sarah Reisman. Speakers: Pia Parannaj, Joann Stock, David Still, Celia Faiola, Lila Higgins

Inspiring the Next STEM Generation in LA, moderated by Amy Hee Kim. Speakers: Leslie Aaronson, Ximena Cid, Eva Mitnick, Oscar Menjivar, Malia Williams

Environmental Justice: Can You Make a Difference?, moderated by Ryan Roberts. Speakers: Heidy Contreras, Jessica Debats Garris, Martha Dina Argüello, Patricia Silveyra

How to Get Involved in Policymaking, moderated by Emily Ladkawalla. Speakers: Marcella Cortez, Henry Lo, Andy Shrader, Paul Song

Expo Presentations

“Logical Laughter” by PowerPoint Comedian · “Bogus Instruments” by Center for Inquiry · “Why You Don’t Actually Want Super Strength!” by Because Science · “My Future in Peril” by the Science Kids · “MICROWAVES ARE KILLING US?! How to Fact-Check Online News Sources” by Lombardi Labs · “Preparing for the AI Revolution” by Iridescent · “The impact of Robotics Competition on K-12 Education” by Rolling Robots, Inc. · “We All Can Be Rocket Scientists” by Columbia Space Center