This year instead of marching we are focusing on programming. We hope to bring people together around science, point to concrete solutions, and give people tools to explore science and support evidence-based policies throughout the year. 

The Science Rally will run from 10 AM - 11 AM. We are proud to announce our confirmed speakers include astrophysicist and curator Dr. Laura Danly, Senator Kevin de Leon, YouTube's global head of family and learning Malik Ducard, Center for Biological Diversity climate scientist Dr. John Fleming, Cal State LA chemistry professor Dr. Carlos G. Gutiérrez, Children's Hospital LA physician Dr. Mona Patel, volcanologist Jess Phoenix, neurobiologist Dr. Tepring Piquado, and TECHNOLOchicas ambassador and computer scientist Yadira Valadez . See our speakers page for full bios of our speakers. 

Our Science Expo booths will be open from 9 AM - 4 PM and will be centered around celebrating science through education, communication, policy, and outreach.

From 11:30 AM - 4 PM, Nerdist's Science Editor Kyle Hill will MC the expo stage, which will feature live interactive demos, science-inspired entertainment, and a series of focused sessions. See our speakers page for full bios and more information. 

Focused Session Topics

  • What Everyone Needs to Know About Science: Local experts discuss a range of scientific topics impacting our daily lives, including climate change, earthquake preparedness, GMOs, vaccines and citizen science. This session will break down these complex issues for the general public so that everyone comes away with a better understanding of each of them, and are better equipped to cut through all of the misinformation out there.
  • Inspiring the Next STEM Generation in LA: Educators, program leaders, and students will discuss their experiences with S.T.E.M. programs throughout the Los Angeles school system. They will also share ideas for educating children in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to ensure that our next generation of students have even greater opportunities to learn and apply them.
  • Environmental Justice: Can You Make a Difference?: Scientists and environmental activists break down the concept of environmental justice, as well as the broader movement behind it. They will look at the impact of scientific research on certain communities -- where it has had an affect, and where it hasn’t -- as well as how those same communities can foster greater promotion of environmental justice moving forward.
  • How to Get Involved in Policymaking: Science policy affects every facet of our society, as well as our individual quality of life. Featuring legislative staff from every level of government -- federal, state, and local -- this session will inform citizens how best to connect with their offices, as well as provide resources to those hoping to become even more directly involved by running for office themselves. Topics will include: connecting with legislators, wide-ranging civic engagement, running for office, and a local policy overview.