Who We Are

The LA Alliance for Science represents the partnership of the scientific community and the wider public.

We stand in support of evidence-based policies and to show support for proper scientific research and funding.

We stand peacefully opposed to the selective silencing, censorship, and defunding of research and evidence.

In increasingly illiberal times, the one thing we can count on to protect our health, our environment, and indeed our very perception of what is true and false, is science.

Core Principles


Facts Matter

Government that ignores science endangers the world. Evidence-based fact must inform policy.

science costs

When we invest in fundamental research, we reap discovery and innovation. Public science funding is critically important to our quality of life both now, and in the future. 

right to know

Truth should be transparent; scientific research findings must be openly communicated, without omission or alteration.


science is magic

A child's scientific wonderment must be nurtured. A comprehensive STEAM education equips the budding generation with fact, and guards them from misinformation.

knowledge is power

Improved science communication and education result in better government and will benefit public and environmental health.

Diversity and Responsibility

giving voice

Diversity in science enriches the variety and scope of research findings. It is our duty to give voice to marginalized populations in science and champion equal access.

civic duty

Scientific progress does not necessarily equate societal progress and equity. The responsible application of scientific findings must be ensured through reasonable regulation.

Core Issues


The diversity of life is what makes the Earth such a fascinating place to live. The ways by which species have diverged from one another are beautiful processes to observe, test, and better understand. We seek to help the general public better appreciate what the theory of evolution is, as well as the miraculous biological processes we have discovered in studying it.

Climate Change

This Earth is our home. It is important that we understand its many ecosystems and the role we play in preserving their lush diversity. We seek to decrease negative human impact on the environment through a better understanding of - and increased investment in - sustainability measures by the general public.


Vaccinations ushered preventative medicine into our society. The value of fatal disease eradication is extraordinary. We seek to increase public knowledge of the safety and efficacy of vaccines to maintain our inoculation against preventable diseases.